CyberKnife Center Northern Germany - the training and reference center for new CyberKnife centers

The CyberKnife Center Northern Germany in Güstrow, now Saphir Radiosurgery Northern Germany, combines the latest high-tech medicine with human care. The CyberKnife system in Güstrow was installed, completely commissioned and started treatment within 2.5 months after delivery. That was the shortest "Go-Live"-phase of all CyberKnife centers worldwide. For more information see



German University Network

The CyberKnife Center Northern Germany is the only private center in the world with four university collaborations and has gained an excellent medical and especially technical reputation worldwide through its unique CyberKnife and radiosurgery experts led by Prof. Jürgen Dunst and Prof. Achim Schweikard of the University of Lübeck. Due to this, the demand by domestic and foreign colleagues for special qualification and training courses on site in Güstrow as well as the wide range of requests for technical and medical consultations on CyberKnife to the specialists in Güstrow is very high. Also the experts of the CyberKnife Center Northern Germany contribute highly regarded work within the work groups of the German Society for Radiation Oncology (DEGRO), the International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society (ISRS) and the Accuray Exchange of Radiation Oncology (AERO) group. 


A high priority is the direct integration of the CyberKnife Center Northern Germany into the research and development projects of the Lübeck Institute for Robotics and Cognitive Systems which consists of the development of control algorithms for the CyberKnife as well as of comprehensive system quality assurance for radiosurgery for many years now. This ensures the CyberKnife Center Northern Germany worldwide first access to new technical developments of the CyberKnife system, as well as a comprehensive CyberKnife quality assurance workflow.


German Quality Standards

Based on the excellent medical and technical competence of the CyberKnife Center Northern Germany and with its unique partnerships in industry and academia and taking into account the worldwide high reputation of "Health made in Germany", GWZ and the CyberKnife project team is ready for implementing new CyberKnife centers and to offer their experience to improve the treatment quality, efficiency and performance of existing CyberKnife centers.  



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