CyberKnife Cancer Treatment Centers

The CyberKnife was developed at Stanford University in California/U.S.A. and co-developed at German Universities and Institutes and is  t h e  worldwide unique radiosurgery system with high precision of less than 1mm, which treats and destroys tumors with extreme accuracy (Gold-Standard). The robot-assisted (KUKA robot system) CyberKnife allow for the patient a comfortable ambulant treatment session without fixation. In addition, the uniqueness of the CyberKnife is the possibility of radiation of moving organs, e.g. lung, liver, pancreas or prostate due to the control system of the CyberKnife, which corrects the respiratory movements of the patient permanently and in real time. To date, more than 300,000 patients were treated with the CyberKnife.



Accuray VSI System in the Christus Muguerza Hospital in Monterrey, Mexico



Customized turn-key CyberKnife center projects

GWZ together with the CyberKnife project team offer a customized concept for the design and operation of CyberKnife centers and guarantee a successful start in a minimum time with high number of patients, an excellent treatment quality and fast return of investment. GWZ together with the CyberKnife project team guide you on the way from planning a new CyberKnife center to the first patient and further on with onsite support and access to the German university partner network:

  • assessment about potential number of patients for the new CyberKnife center
  • feasibility about the location for the CyberKnife in existing or new facilities incl. a radiation protection bunker and the already existing medical devices (e.g. CT-scan, MRI, PET)
  • design and workflow planning and training of the medical physicists, medical radiotherapy specialists and MTRA's during the construction or rebuilding phase of the new CyberKnife center at the CyberKnife Center Northern Germany and the CyberKnife and Gammaknife Center in Frankfurt/Main
  • commissioning and acceptance testing at the new site ("Going-Live"-phase)
  • onsite support at the site, remote services and access to clinical trials and research of the German universities and interface to the interdisciplinary tumor board via telehealth solutions


Clinical improvement of existing CyberKnife centers

To date, more than 250 CyberKnife Systems were installed. But there simply is not enough expertise worldwide to overcome the technical and medical needs for qualitative and quantitative CyberKnife treatments. Many of the new CyberKnife centers and also longer time existing centers are treating very selected areas mainly intra-cranial and the wide field of extra-cranial treatment of lung, liver, pancreas and other tumors are not treated or very selectively. In addition there were found differences of more than 20% in system usage between different CyberKnife physics experts.


GWZ together with the CyberKnife project team and in cooperation with the CyberKnife Centers Northern Germany and Frankfurt/Main offer their experience to improve the treatment quality, efficiency and performance of CyberKnife centers with 

  • onsite training and support of the medical staff at the site
  • onsite application, implementation of new indications, physics and technical support incl. new and update commissioning of the CyberKnife system
  • quality assurance tools and software
  • patient referrals and CyberKnife marketing
  • access to the German university network and interdisciplinary tumor board



CyberKnife Documents in German, English, French and Russian language

CyberKnife Center Projekt (DE)
CyberKnife Projekt (DE).pdf
PDF-Dokument [145.2 KB]
Project CyberKnife Center (EN)
Project CyberKnife Center (EN).pdf
PDF-Dokument [181.8 KB]
Projet de Centre CyberKnife (FR)
Projet de Centre CyberKnife (FR).pdf
PDF-Dokument [426.9 KB]
проект кибер-нож центр (RU)
проект_кибер-нож_центр (RU).pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.2 MB]
Сравнение обычных методов лечения раковых заболеваний (RU)
PDF-Dokument [80.1 KB]
КиберНож список индикаций (RU)
КиберНож_список_индикаций (RU).pdf
PDF-Dokument [90.9 KB]
КиберНож радиохирургия (RU)
КиберНож_радиохирургия (RU).pdf
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