Center of Excellence in Oncology Projects

GWZ and OncoMed-Solutions are working on an existing partnership agreement closely together on the implementation of new oncology projects whereby GWZ is responsible for the acquisition of new projects, customer communication, project coordination, business and marketing concepts and financial support while OncoMed-Solutions is responsible for the clinical-technical concept planning, distribution and implementation of the medical equipment including training of the clinical team, service support and cooperation with local service- and distribution partners. 


Example of the configuration of a typical diagnostic and treatment center

Diagnostics equipment

State-of-the-art PET/CT from Philips and Neusoft. At present, PET/CT is the most innovative imaging technology for the localization of malignant tumors and is fundamental for the right choice of the cancer therapy. At present, 5,000 PET/CT are in operation worldwide, 2,000 of them in the U.S.

Nuclear medical equipment

ABT BG-75 Biomarker Generator for producing F18 FDG which is the tracer-of-choice in most of the oncology indications. The ABT Mini-Cyclotron delivers a single patient dose of PET radioisotopes for the imaging in PET/CT machines on demand.

CyberKnife VSI stereotactic robotic radiosurgery system - pre-owned

The Gold-Standard in radiosurgery for one-session treatment that can treat many tumor types with the upmost submillimeter accuracy. Developed at Stanford University and German Universities (Heidelberg, Lübeck) and using a special robot arm from KUKA.

6 MV Linear Accelerator for conventional radiotherapy

Revolutionary 6 MV Linac with IMRT and IGRT capabilities, developed in Europe and designed for emerging countries to a very attractive price. Market launch in year 2016. Alternatively, pre-owned conventional Linacs from Elekta or Varian are an attractive option. 

Space requirement for the Diagnostics and Cancer Treatment center is abt. 500 m² (PET-Center incl. Biomarker Generator is 100 m², for the Radiation Therapy Center 200 m² and additional space for entrance area, waiting rooms, consulting and office rooms, restrooms, storage etc. is 200 m²).


The total investment for such a "clinical ready" Center of Excellence in Oncology including the outlined diagnostics and radiotherapy equipment, medical physics equipment, IT-installation and configuration, equipment installation and commissioning and training in Germany and direct at the new site is abt. 10 mill. EUR. Construction costs for building and radiation protection rooms are not included.


For an individual configuration and price offer, please contact us.