GWZ Contribution and Project Services

GWZ and OncoMed-Solutions - t h e - experts in CyberKnife technology and the only one in the world so far, who offer complete solutions for PET-Centers will support our clients on the realization of advanced oncology projects along German quality standards with all of our know-how and experience in the clinical-technical implementation of Center of Excellence in Oncology Projects. 

GWZ and OncoMed-Solutions have the profoundest experience in developing CyberKnife and oncology centers in Western- and Eastern Europe and Russia.


We offer:

  • Clinical-technical design and configuration of innovative diagnostics and cancer centers
  • Business planning support, financing concepts incl. Public Private Partnership - PPP-models, fundraising support and co-investment
  • Clinical-technical feasibility and project analysis
  • Site planning support (design services incl. structural and radiation protection requirements for the functional rooms and buildings for CyberKnife, PET-Center etc., room occuppancy and staff planning according to national and international regulatory guidance and standards)
  • Project Management
  • Distribution of comprehensive product lines and programs incl. pre-owned medical equipment
  • Clinical and technical Educational training for the medical staff in German CyberKnife and oncology centers and onsite training at the new site after going-life of the new center
  • Clinical workflow optimization (patient career, documentation of Standard Operation Procedures - SOP)
  • Testing and commissioning of new systems
  • On-Site Application, implementation of new systems
  • Quality Assurance Tools and Software
  • Technical Service Support with our experienced service engineers. Spare part stock is held in Riga/Latvia, in Germany and in Dubai/UAE
  • Marketing support (CyberKnife, radiotherapy and PET-Center marketing concepts)
  • Linking of new oncology centers to our German university network (research, tumor board)
  • Treatment of complicated cases in German oncology centers and university hospitals
  • Treatment of patients during the planning and construction phase of the new center in German CyberKnife and oncology centers guided by local medical physicists and radiation oncologists ("pre-pre-training")