Medical Equipment

In cooperation with OncoMed-Solutions, we provide new and used radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging equipment of the leading manufacturers. In addition we offer support in the evaluation of the best equipment and configuration of an oncology centre along the local situation and requirements and organize warranty and a qualified local partner for service and maintenance. Training of the medical staff is one of the most important factors for the efficient use of advanced medtech equipment and the operation of a successful oncology center. We provide qualified training in CyberKnife and oncology centers in Germany and Western Europe and update training directly at the site locally.


Automation and personalized medicine

An important trend is that high-precision radiotherapy will become more and more important as conventional surgery will be replaced by automated ambulant radiosurgery and personalized medicine and diagnostics will become more important. The CyberKnife robotic stereotactic radiosurgery system and the single patient dose PET radioisotopes production of the ABT Biomarker point this trend perfectly. 


Radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging equipment

GWZ together with our partner OncoMed-Solutions is able to provide the full range of medical equipment for the operation in radiation diagnostics and oncology treatment centers. New and used CyberKnife stereotactic radiosurgery systems, the TomoTherapy system, Linear Accelerators from the manufacturers Varian and Elekta, CT, MRI and PET/CT from Toshiba, Neusoft-Philips and other leading producers, nuclear medicine like the Mini-Cyclotron of the US-manufacturer ABT, equipment for brachytherapy, hyperthermia systems from the market leader BSD Medical and the Intrabeam by Carl Zeiss are the main products in our portfolio, we provide. New products especially for the needs of emerging countries are under development and will offered by us in the near future.


Biomarker Generator (Mini-Cyclotron)

The ABT Mini-Cyclotron is a revolutionary development in radiopharmaceutical production that delivers biomarkers on demand. In comparison to standard PET biomarker laboratories, the Biomarker Generator (Mini-Cyclotron) of the U.S. company ABT has a self-contained shielding (no bunker necessary), the capital investment is 40 - 60% less and the operating costs are 70% less. For many developing and emerging countries, such a Biomarker Generator is a fantastic chance to get access to clinical nuclear high-technology to a reasonable price.


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Further information about CyberKnife and oncology centers you can find in the section "Projects".