Automation and Energy Savings

An essential part for high-tech products and export success

Acccording to deep market inside and relationship to many German industry leaders in this sector, GWZ is able to encourage German and western European high-tech enterprises to invest in foreign companies with the primary focus on energy-efficient products for local consumers and new innovative production methods for manufacturing high-tech products with best quality for international export markets.


Technological innovation is the key

German companies have success in selling their goods all over the world, because they have innovative products and solutions and invest every year billions of Euros in research and development as well as new, energy-efficient manufacturing methods and products. In Germany, labor and energy costs and taxes are much higher than in most of the other countries in the world with the consequence that most of the German products are positioned in the higher price segment. The only chance to sell such premium products is to create every year new innovative products and solutions and to achieve more automation and quality along the entire production process. Innovation is the key for long-term and sustainable growth and a unique chance for establishing groundbraking technologies. GWZ will help companies  on their way to become a premium producer with technology transfer and implementation, cooperation and joint venture partners.


Service business is important

Machinery and equipment will become more and more powerful and complex. That's the reason, the maintenance and service for such sophisticated machinery will become much more important. For example, German manufacturers of advanced machinery and equipment earn around 30% of their revenue with service business. 24 h service and improving of existing equipment for better performance and more energy efficiency will play a key to contrast favourably from pure equipment manufacturers. GWZ has access to a broad basis of service companies which are able to offer service support for innovative and high-quality foreign products in Germany.


Energy Saving in Buildings and the Production Process

In Germany for example 40% of total energy is consumed for heating and cooling. Especially houses built before 1979 are consuming three times as much new buildings. According to EU, buildings are responsible for 35% of the greenhouse emissions in Europe. Advanced thermal insulation in industry buildings and houses leads to a reduction of heat consumption of 30% through insulation of the outside walls and the roof through vacuum insulations panels and advanced materials, modern windows and thermo glasses, intelligent regulation of lights, heating, air condition systems and doors in warehouses (high-speed doors). A comprehensive modernization of old buildings reduce the energy consumption up to 80%. GWZ knows the best producers of this materials and solutions and helps clients to form partnerships and Joint Venture with this companies for distribution, license production or co-production.


Process automation can contribute in many ways to higher energy efficiency in industrial production facilities. Its equipment and systems which ensure intelligent measurement and control of production processes can make a big contribution towards greater energy efficiency. This can result in average energy savings of 10 - 15% - up to 70% in some cases - in industries using the technology. German process automation firms play a leading role here and GWZ has direct access to the industrial players in this market and can introduce the best solutions for making your existing machinery park and buildings more energy-efficient.