Telematics and Security Solutions

Cloud-based telematics solutions for real-time tracking by GPS and GLONASS via the internet to connect the billions of mobile assets (cars, trucks, trains, goods, construction and mining equipment, animals, people) and provide a reliable position even in hostile environments and indoors, e.g. in underground parking lots, tunnels or warehouses. Very easy to install and operate via the internet to low costs. Two examples of telematics solutions:


Telematic Tracking: You have a box in your car which reports your position to the server, so the insurance company is able to assess if your driving behaviour is cautious and then you get an discount on your insurance. If you have a car crash it automatically calls the ambulance. When the car is stolen it sends an alarm to your smartphone and you can follow its position.


Anti-Theft Protection: The device can be located anywhere in the world. It can be located there for years. In the moment it is moved, you get an alarm and an indication of where it is. When it is not moving, you can choose to have position reports and alarms on other events such as temperature rising. It's small and works for years (up to 10 years) with an advanced long-life battery.


Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is another cloud-based telematics solution for people with Alzheimer's disease, diabetes or cardiac disease. The emergency device calls the ambulance automatically when the person fall down - outdoors and indoors. In addition in such a case the device will be connected with telehealth diagnostic devices automatically via bluetooth.


Intelligent network based security systems are of vital significance to protect lives in the event of fire and acts of terrorism - or both together as at the Taj Mahal Hotel terror attack in Mumbai a few years ago. Also killing sprees in schools are still happening and menaces of killing sprees are increasing. Since the internet and mobile telephone world is existing another danger has significantly increased: cyber crime but also the opportunity to monitor illegal activities and people. German companies are leaders in many fields of security technology and telematics and GWZ has access to this companies to form partnerships with foreign customers and partners.


German companies offer a large bandwidth in the following segments and applications: Intelligent evacuation systems by interactive acoustics and guidance systems (mainly for fire), Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) systems for use in embassies to save sensible data and full-desk encryption, Lawful Interception (LI) management systems, network protection and traffic management systems for mobile and internet providers, ultra-low power infrared data communication technology, Anti-amok security systems for schools and government buildings, armoured vehicles, Identification of people, vehicles and objects in far distances, Containertracking, next generation access control, security glasses, special cement, explosive-retardant fronts and rooms, biometry systems, independent power systems, video content analysis, cargo inspection systems, explosion detection, panic rooms, advanced earthquake warning and security systems with early warning time of 30 sec to rapture gas and water pipes, as well as open high-voltage lines and elevators and to stop sensitive production machines and equipment in hospitals.